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This is a non-profit project that will be possible thanks to your donations.


Twenty-five centuries later,

the search for happiness becomes essential again.

This film is about the legacy of one of the most remarkable man in history, known as the Buddha. The story is conveyed by the director, a Buddhist practitioner who travels in a pilgrimage through India and its neighboring countries whilst meeting monks, scientists, scholars and fellow practitioners along the way, in order to share this profound path in a simple way.  The documentary shows that although the Buddha’s teachings are universal, logical and easy to understand, putting them into practice is when difficulties arise.

Tathagata Film is a non-profit project of Be Happy NGO. Our goal is to spread the teachings of Buddha in order to encourage people to live a happier life, beneficial for themselves and for all beings. So far we have been able to finance the first stage of the documentary thanks to kind contributions of many people around the world.

Our aim is to finance the whole project only by donations, so once the documentary is ready, it will be available for everybody to download or watch online for free in this website. It is important for us to be transparent about our finances, therefore all our expenses are monthly updated on the donations pageAll contributions are happily welcomed, thank you for your collaboration!


The members of the project have two things in common: one is to be practicing vipassana meditation for the last years, and the second is to share the same passion about filming. The team got together in order to share with the world this invaluable way of living. With that motivation we decided to make a non-profit documentary that can explain this path in a simple way.


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