We are a non profit NGO that promotes a universal path for all beings to be happy

All the ways in which Be Happy promotes the development of happiness, are compressed within a theoretical and practical framework based on 3 major aspects: morality, concentration and wisdom. These 3 points were taught and spread by Siddharta Gautama, better known as ̈Buddha ̈, 2,500 years ago. In his quest to reach a state free of suffering, he discovered that the way of escape was in the development of these virtues.

Morality, concentration and wisdom, are categorized into 8 steps that constitute the eightfold noble path that leads to ultimate happiness. These steps are:

With the aim of spreading this noble path, Be Happy develops different cultural projects, which vary from audiovisual projects to festivals, assemblies, talks or any other means that allows this knowledge to be distributed both in theory and in practice.

Our deep desire is that all beings be peaceful and truly happy.